Sunday, March 10, 2013


For those of you who are awake, you might find some corrosive, disdainful, and some light-hearted fun poked upon some members of the human race – past, present and future. There is much correlation in history owing to the fact that humans rise to their ultimate extremes, sometimes the lowest common denominator or the past of least resistance. There are very few differences between, let us say Caligula, Gotti, Hitler, Stalin, Dick Cheney, Joseph McCarthy, The Koch Bros., Osama Bin Laden, Vladimir Putin, Idi Amin, The NRA, Donald J. Trump: you to get the picture. Injustice is the single most killer of mankind I sincerely believe criminals and monsters are basically psychologically conservative, (There are studies linking intelligence and conservatism: the lower the IQ, the more reactionary and act from fear and repression within themselves… Have often have you heard political fights over who is more conservative than the other: utterly stupid); Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Party lie to the public to protect their wealth and their greed for power and disdain for the poor therefore creating havoc, destruction and stirring up hatred and fear… It’s Three-Card Monty in a global scale… Their favorite technique is a psychological impurity: projection. Blame the opposition for what they are doing themselves.

All GOP language is coded… for example, when they refer to our America they are referring to “R” America. Small business refers to closely held concerns like the Carlyle Group. Health is the oil industry and so on – totally in reverse. "No child left behind..." - a "No child" = Black or "Mud" (Any and every child not one of ours can take a hike, that goes without saying…). 

They are fear mongers and their current public ugliness has no shame - a total lack of common decency, they enjoy it. The “tax” issue is what they are really after… the see the United States Treasury as a piggy bank. We should all remember they have millions and millions of shares of stock, bonds and other assets.

There’s and old expression that applies: Sugar coated shit is still shit. They are aware of the fact that they can’t expose what they are; the last time that happened was in 1792 French revolution… Male domination of religion is also a contributing factor: Jesus would never vote for a Republican let alone be one…

 On the other hand there were giants, coming from the same framework Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Darwin, (Lincoln and TR would be Democrats today), Mandela, MLK, JFK, Jackie Robinson,   – they on the other hand, had guts. The Democrats/Labor/Progressives is the only salvation.

  All of life can be pretty foolish from time to time; it helps to be awake and eternally vigilant.  There is no such thing as Left or Right in Politics only forward and backward… Civilization evolves forward like the genetic code. Civilization evolves forward like the genetic code:

The U.S Constitution 1784 is a blueprint for mankind.

Friday, July 20, 2012



     JAY... We don't know what to think of him. We have seen him at The J.F.K. School of Government at Harvard. We have seen him at the Bowery Bar. We have seen him at The Ambassador Grill; we have seen him at Mimi's Bar and Grill, The Collected Unconscious and at The Bank of International Settlements. Who is he? What is he? He was born in Machiavelli Wisconsin at the tender age of three. He was raised in Cuddling and Huddling Against The World Free From Outside Influence, Massachusetts. But, at seventeen, he left his peaceful mountain village to see New York and to chow down some decent Meow Mix. For the next few years, he was thrown woman to woman because he lacked the decency to say no. Later he would disappear from public life saying only he wanted within himself to find the true meaning of the word "yes". We asked him if he had, he said, "maybe". When in New York, he was memorable as “PEANUT” in HOWDY DOODY. So enthralled with himself from that appearance, he hasn't worked since. His remarkable band, "L.C.I.B" conceived, "THE POWERS THAT BE", (their hit Song"), in another song, "FROTHING FOR MY GIRL", Jay sings through his nose. In, "ASK DOCTOR JAY”, he was asked, "What made you so very famous?" He paused and paused again, looked up and said, "I guess my ability to...” and went to sleep.


     I am aware to the fact that you are in need of good people – the best people for your staff. Last be it from me to make a suggestion that would in any way not to offer the best suggestion I can muster.
     I am aware to the fact that you are in need of something to enhance your prestige, (If that were ever possible), power and performance: I will not neglect my duties as citizen!

     I have years in jestering beginning with Lau Tzu in the 6th century BC, up and including the present day… Think of the possibilities! In cabinet meetings, executive vs. legislative battles, at the judiciary, and a whole host of mighty important stuff. In Papal visits I am without peer. In foreign policy and economic matters I can shine upon all the rest… Just for you, Mr. President… You NEED a fool in the White House! A confidant and Jester

     Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Salary Open

Joe Abiden Jr October 9 at 9:03pm 
Are you trying to take my job away?

Jay Oliver Sax October 9 at 9:07pm
No, you're doing a great job but if you need me, don't hesitate to call... I 'll even drop Paris Hilton

Kick Ass Joe!!!


     My name is I RATE VIEWER, (or if you prefer, IRATE VIEWER), and to amuse myself, I browse through the medical journals to find “FREAKS OF NATURE”! And without even looking at them, I am certain that there are women that exhibit CONSTANT ORGASM LASTING TWENTY-FIVE YEARS… OR LONGER!

     And if you look around, you may find a few that fit the bill… HILLARY CLINTON, LADY GAGA, BEYONCE, CHRISTINE AGUILERA, EVITA PERON, AND MADONNA!

     I imagine LADY GAGA would LIKE to have a constant orgasm lasting twenty-five years or longer – HILLARY CLINTON   DOES!

     But you have to look at the other side of the coin too… men who have constant erection, HARD-ONS, lasting twenty-five years or longer, (How exhausting!). And if you look around you may find a few that fit the bill too…

Those guys are called…


There are four races in the world…
The Left, The Right, The Far Left and The Far Right.
And it follows that:

The Left rules The Far Left,
And The Right, The Far Right.

Or is it…
The Left rules The Far Right,
And The Right, The Far Left.

Or is it…
The Far Right rules The Left,
And The Far left, The Right.

Or is it…
The Far Right rules The Right,
And The Far Left, The Left.

Or is it…
The Far Right rules The Far Left,
And The right, The left.

Or is it…
The Far Left rules The Far Right,
And The Left, The Right.

Or is it… The Other Way Around?


     Excuse, excuse, I didn’t want to break your train of thought or interrupt your feelings… But I felt a need… A pain in my heart that I would tell you what I am going to tell you…

      It is an Old Italian Story; forgive me to tell it because it is true.
       It is a story of a SAD CLOWN. He could be happy clown, but he is sad because he cannot express himself the way he wants to. He has tried and tried and tried, and no matter he does, he cannot show himself for what he is – for what he REALLY is!

    His name, forgive me, his name is CONDOMO. Poor Condomo, poor Condomo… He feel controlled, constricted, and constrained - trapped in a man’s body with no place to go!

  He meet his friends… LARGO, SKITRZO, INTEMMEZZO AND OVARIO… But when he meet Largo, Skirtzo and Ovario, He always meet INTERMEZZO! And he retreats in his shell; he is a very, very, sad, sad, clown.

   He has been accused of being cold, insensitive, unfeeling, that’s not what he feel inside, no, he does not have a psychological problem, in fact he feel like VESUVIUS, MT. ETNA, POMPEII AND KRACOTOA – He want to ERUPT! But he is a prisoner and he is the prison – stuck in his position covered with a skin he cannot move. I cannot find a costume for him in polite society – I do not have to describe him, we all know him.

   But the sad part about Condomo, he has brothers… And his brothers is a happy happy clown. Their name is FOAMO and inserto. And when he meet Largo, Skirtzo and Ovario, they never meet Intermezzo. But, they have LARDO, LARDO.
As much as Condomo is sad, Foamo and Inserto is happy.

“Do you want to be? CONDOMO?”


     Once upon a time there was a man in an Ivory Tower. The tower was so high; no one could reach it. He fortified his tower with a million pens… A pen is a gun you know that. He bought thousands upon thousands of pieces of paper upon which he could write, and he covered each and every piece of paper with his writing.
He wrote for the left, he wrote for the right. He wrote for the North and South. He wrote for the East and West. And there is nothing he didn’t write about.
He wrote to the King who was very busy. He wrote to the Queen, who was also very busy. He wrote to the Prince and Princess, but, alas, they were very busy as well. He wrote to everyone in the realm, but again, they were too busy.
He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to make them laugh, but nobody was listening. He wanted to get paid for the writing he created so he could be protected from the cruel world and stay in his ivory tower.
One day, he had no more money and the big bad landlord took away his ivory tower and everything he had. He took away everything he wrote too. The wicked landlord tried to steal all the writing, but before he could steal it, someone else threw it away… He worked all his life and had nothing to show for it, nothing to call his own. He had nothing, period. He didn’t know what to do, and he had no place to live. The ivory tower was the only home he ever knew. He was homeless. 
He tried to tell the people who he was and what had happened to him, but everyone thought he was crazy. No one would listen, and when you’re poor, no one does. They think only people who have money have something to say. He was mightily discouraged. “Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?” He asked himself, “It seems no one cares… It was hard to believe that no one cared… But that was the truth, no one does.” When he was living in his ivory tower, he thought that people might care, but his worst fears were confirmed. He was right. People didn’t care. It was hard to believe, but it was true. People only care about themselves, nobody else. That’s honesty he thought.
 So he decided to find other truths about life that other people could understand. How hard could it be? It was very hard. The homeless man was by himself, and he found another truth about life he already knew… That everybody was alone too. The people still wouldn’t listen, but he felt better about it because he remembered that no one cared… That gave him peace of mind.